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Driver Bubble™ Flex

What is the Driver Bubble™ Flex made from?

The Flex model is manufactured from PVC, a synthetic plastic polymer known for its strength, durability, lightweight and cost-effectiveness.

How is the Flex installed in the vehicle?

The Driver Bubble™ Flex is installed using a simple strap and slide buckle system that attaches to either the handles above the doors or the centre door columns.

Is the Flex available in different sizes?

The Driver Bubble™ Flex comes in a single, universal size that will fit most estate, saloon and hatchback cars, MPV and minivans.

What vehicle models is the Driver Bubble™ Flex compatible with?

For a full overview of models that the product has been tested on, please refer to our product comparison table.

Driver Bubble™ Shield

What is the Driver Bubble™ Shield made from?

The Shield model is manufactured from polycarbonate, a plastic renowned for its high-impact strength and durability.

How is the Shield installed in the vehicle?

The Driver Bubble™ Shield is installed using zip ties that attach to front seats of the vehicle around the lower part and the headrest.

Is the Shield available in different sizes?

Yes, the Shield is available in a standard and a large size. For a full overview, please refer to our product comparison table.

What vehicle models is the Driver Bubble™ Shield compatible with?

For a full overview of models that the product has been tested on, please refer to our product comparison table.

Our online store is now open for orders of up to 50 units and for shipping to the United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Poland.

Contact sales for orders above 50 units or to place an order outside of these countries.

How long will it take to receive my Driver Bubble™?

We aim to prepare, pack and send your parcel within 1 working day of the order being confirmed. On average this is between 1 and 5 days. Our courier services use the following delivery times:

Europe: 2-5 working days
North America: 3-8 working days
Australia and New Zealand: 4-9 working days

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs, customs duties & taxes, and additional costs related to shipping and delivering our products are always payable by the customer and vary based on the delivery location and are subject to change due to COVID-19 and other mitigating circumstances.

How are your products shipped?

Our products are shipped directly from the manufacturer or from the fulfillment centre. The shipment and delivery of our products are handled by certified and best-in-class courier services.

How can I see the status of my shipment?

1. You receive a confirmation email with your order details immediately after your payment. Please check your order and shipment address carefully.

2. Your order is processed within 1-5 working days on average. As soon as your order is processed, you will receive a notification email letting you know that your order has been shipped and includes a tracking number and courier for you to track your shipment.
Note: the parcel tracking information may take up to 12 hours to update with the latest data.

3. Once your package is registered in the courier service's depot, you can follow it to your delivery address using the tracking link.

Which payment methods do you accept?

On our online store, we accept credit or debit card payments and iDeal payments for Dutch customers. For larger orders, we accept payments via credit or debit card, SEPA, and bank transfer. Please contact our accounts team for more information regarding our accepted payment methods.

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