The Driver Bubble™ Flex

The Flex model is a flexible PVC plastic screen and is designed to be an affordable and durable solution for your drivers.
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Driver Bubble taxi protection screen door view
A Taxi driver without a taxi driver protection screen

Get drivers back on the road now

The Driver Bubble™ Flex can provide up to 90% surface coverage between drivers and passengers. The screen covers the majority of the usual contact points between drivers and passengers and therefore helps to improve hygiene.
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Made from polyvinyl chloride for durability and flexibility

The Flex model is manufactured from 0.5mm thick PVC, a synthetic plastic polymer known for its strength, durability, light weight and cost-effectiveness.
Inside the Driver Bubble factory

Technical specifications and details

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Driver Bubble best choise

Drivers are able to use their mirrors and see and connect with their passengers.

The Driver Bubble™ is super easy to clean. Just give it a wipe with some spray and a cloth.

The Driver Bubble™ is quick and easy to install and compatible with almost any vehicle.
The built-in access point enables drivers to easily accept payments, cash or card.

Compatible with nearly every vehicle type

The Driver Bubble™ Flex comes in a single, universal size that will fit most estate, saloon and hatchback cars, MPV and minivans.
Shop now or contact sales for orders above 50 units
compatible vehicle types

Helps shield drivers on the job

Helps deter passengers from reaching into the front of the vehicle. The screen may provide a defensive barrier between drivers and passengers.
By screening off drivers and passengers from each other, the Driver Bubble™ can help to reduce the chances of transmitting viruses and bacteria via saliva and direct contact.