Sneeze Guard installation guide

This installation guide outlines how to install the Sneeze Guard in your vehicle.


Ensure that the installation of the Sneeze Guard does not interfere or inhibit normal usage of the vehicle and its safety features.

Product disclaimer

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Installation guide

Step 1

Adjust the front passenger seat’s position and backrest so that it is aligned with the front driver seat.

Step 2

You will find four reusable cable ties (2 for each front headrest). Before mounting the Sneeze Guard, start by threading the first cable tie through one of the pre-drilled holes, then thread the second cable tie. Make sure to thread the second cable tie in the opposite direction as the first. Now, repeat this on the other side of the Sneeze Guard for the other headrest.
Next, hold the Sneeze Guard and tie the two cable ties to each other. Please ensure that you are using the right pre-drilled holes so that the Sneeze Guard is positioned correctly.

Step 3

Attach the plastic strip around the outer edge of the screen.