Flex installation guide

This installation guide outlines how to install the Flex in your vehicle.


Ensure that the installation of the Flex does not interfere or inhibit normal usage of the vehicle and its safety features.

Product disclaimer

The general terms and conditions of Driver Bubble B.V. and the product disclaimer apply and are both easily electronically accessible here.

Installation guide

Step 1

Take the white support piece and thread it through the upper middle edge of the Flex. You should push and pull the white support piece all the way around the edge of the Flex by using the purpose-built channel.

Step 2: OPTION 1

Make sure both the front and rear doors on one side of the vehicle are open and pass the strap around the centre column found between the two doors. Please ensure that the strap does not inhibit the function of the airbag.

Step 2: OPTION 2

On one side of the vehicle, thread the same end of the strap (from Step 1) through the handle above the front door. Now, pull the end of the strap to the handle above the rear door and loop it through.

Step 3

Place the end of the strap into the slide buckle. To secure it in place, push it through the other end of the slide buckle and pull it tight. Pass any extra strap material back through the slide buckle and cut off any excess strap material.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side of the vehicle.

Step 4

Use the additional straps to secure the edge of the screen closer to the inside of the vehicle. Place the end of the strap through one of the extra holes, and loop it around the centre column between the front and rear doors. Secure it using the same method found in step 3. Please ensure that the strap does not inhibit the function of the airbag.

Step 5

Take the threaded rope with the drawstring stopper, and pass the looped end through the hole in the bottom right corner of the screen. Pull it through all the way to the front seat slider track, and loop it around the end closest to the front of the vehicle. Using the drawstring stopper, pull it tight, tie a knot and cut off any extra string.