Driver Bubble™ launches protective screens for the global transportation market to provide a safer and more responsible way of travelling


Dutch company, Driver Bubble™, distributes innovative protective screens across the world to help taxi & rideshare drivers and fleets stay safely connected with their passengers amidst the current health situation.

Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 7, 2020 – Sparked by the current health pandemic, a decline in revenue and a desire to keep everyone on the team employed throughout the pandemic, Taxi Butler, a company serving the transportation industry for over 7 years, launched Driver Bubble™. The Driver Bubble is designed to supply taxi, rideshare drivers and fleets with an extra layer of sanitary safety. The products are transparent separation screens that fit right into vehicles and help shield passengers and drivers alike.

Driver Bubble™ have introduced new products designed to help taxi drivers and fleets stay on the road.

Co-founder of Driver Bubble™, Steven Blom, said “At our company, we are constantly looking for more innovative ways of creating and supporting the connection between people, as it’s the foundation of everything we do. Despite the current health climate, we truly believe that people should feel safe, connected and confident in their ability to travel, which is why we came up with the Driver Bubble™”.

A month young, the company started its operations at the end of March and have already sold thousands of protective screens for cars.

“We started off with a simple, flexible screen, and now have products for almost every type of car available”, Steven mentioned.

The two types of Driver Bubble™’s currently available for fleets and drivers to purchase are:

Easy to clean, simple to install and affordable, the Driver Bubble™ is becoming one of the most renowned products on the protective screen market.

About Driver Bubble™

The Driver Bubble™ is a transparent separation screen that fits into most vehicles and helps shield passengers and drivers alike. Born out of Amsterdam, the company designs and builds protective screens for the global taxi, rideshare and transportation industry.