Driver Bubble Shield safety screen

The Driver Bubble™ Shield is simple to install and takes only a few steps before you’re back on the road. It comes in two sizes, both of which can be installed using this guide.

Using cable ties and velcro, the protective Shield attaches to the headrests and lower parts of the front vehicle seats. This helps it to sit securely without being in the way of the passengers in the back.

Follow this simple guide to install your Driver Bubble™ Shield.

How To Install The Driver Bubble™ Shield

When fitting the Shield into your vehicle, make sure that it does not interfere with any of the vehicle’s safety features, like airbags.

Below is a step-by-step guide to help you attach the Driver Bubble™ Shield to the front seats of your vehicle so that you can offer safer, more hygienic rides for your passengers.

Step 1: Align The Front Seats

Before inserting the Driver Bubble™ Shield into your vehicle, you need to make sure the front seats are aligned. Adjust the passenger seat so that it is in the same position as the driver’s seat.

This will ensure that the protective Shield lies neatly against the seats instead of at an angle.

Step 2: Attach The Cable Ties

You will find four reusable cable ties with your Driver Bubble™ Shield. There are two for each front-seat headrest. On each side of the Shield, you will find pairs of pre-drilled holes.

Thread a cable tie through one of the holes. Then, thread the second cable tie through the other hole of the pair. Thread the second cable through in the opposite direction to the first.

Repeat this process on the other side of the Shield to attach the cable ties for the other headrest.

Make sure you have threaded the cable ties through the correct holes. The Shield should fit neatly against the roof of your vehicle. There are multiple sets of holes to accommodate for different seat heights found in various vehicles.

Once aligned correctly, tie the cable ties together so that they form a tight loop around the bars of the headrest. This will secure the Shield to the backs of the front seats.

Step 3: Secure The Bottom Of The Shield

There are two velcro straps included with the Driver Bubble™ Shield. Use one velcro strap for each side of the Shield to attach to the bottom of the front seats of the vehicle.

Again, you will find pre-drilled holes near the middle to bottom section of the polycarbonate screen. Using the holes aligned with the bottom of the backrest of the front seat, thread the velcro through. Attach the velcro strap around the front of the seat to secure the Shield against the seat.

Repeat this process with the other side. After this step, your Driver Bubble™ Shield should be attached to both front seats around the headrests and the lower parts of the seats.

Make sure all straps are pulled tight and are secure to ensure that the Shield lies neatly against the backs of the front seats.

Once you’ve done this, you’re good to go! Equipped with the Driver Bubble™ Shield, your vehicle provides a more hygienic environment for both the driver and any passengers in the back.

Please Note: This product is designed to help increase safety for both taxi drivers and passengers. However, it has not been manufactured or tested to prevent all physical contact or completely prevent the risk of contracting a virus (like COVID-19) or any other illness. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.