A step in the right direction with restrictions easing around the world

Tips taxi companies during covid-19

As a result of COVID-19, many taxi and private hire companies felt the impact that came from government restrictions. In April there was an estimated drop of 90% in taxi bookings with many drivers uncertain of when they’ll be back on the road again.

Leader in its field, Dutch company Taxi Butler, who have taxi booking devices in most cities around the world had a look at their data and pointed out that in April the company only saw 10% of their devices being used. However, moving towards the end of May, more and more venues are utilizing the devices again with 21% of devices being used by venues. We are moving in the right direction.

Luckily by June these worries might be a thing of the past with many governments lifting their restrictions and allowing people to move about freely with some safety measures still in place. Let’s take a look at what is happening around us.

United Kingdom

England has allowed people to travel to leisure spots with warmer weather approaching. However, people are limited to meeting with one person outside of their household and to follow social distancing guidelines. Unfortunately Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland still have stricter restrictions in place, where people are advised to stay at home.


People may travel within 100km of their homes. The use of public transport is permitted, however a mask must be worn in vehicles that have no separation screen. Most shops and open-air markets have reopened but a mask needs to be worn if asked by the shopkeeper. Unfortunately bars and restaurants remain closed for the time being.


Bundesliga fans get ready – football has been allowed to resume. Two households are allowed to meet again and elderly in nursing homes are allowed to have visits from one specific person. Shops have opened and people are asked to wear masks, restaurants in most states have recently opened up for business again.


From 1 June, people are allowed to meet with more than two other people, keeping social distancing rules in mind. Cafes, restaurants and beach bars are opening their doors to 30 guests at a time. Kids longing to see their friends can get excited as schools will have full classrooms again from 2 June. Restrictions are still in place for cinemas, museums, festivals and other cultural events.


Spain has implemented phase 0-3 to ease restrictions. They have recently entered phase 1. Depending on your location, restrictions may differ. Social contact is allowed for groups of 10. Shops are open with social distancing rules still in place. Street markets my resume, however only 25 stalls are allowed. Cafes, restaurants and bars are open, but only the outdoor terrace section and 50% capacity.


Italians have waited a long time for this, but the time has come where they are allowed to venture outside, visit the hairdresser, enjoy a meal at a restaurant or a drink at a bar. Visiting friends in the same region is also allowed.


Similar to Spain, Australia has implemented three stages to ease restrictions. Currently in stage 1, Australians are allowed to visit friends and family at home (up to five people), shops are open and restaurants and cafes can have up to 10 guests.

New Zealand

New Zealand has moved to level 2 of the restriction ease. Gyms, hairdressers, retail shops, cinemas and playgrounds have opened up again. Bars have recently reopened, however social distancing guidelines remain in place, no packed dancefloors at this stage. Social gatherings are capped at 10 people, whether it be at a restaurant, dinner party, wedding or funeral.

As we can see, things are heading in the right direction. Governments are easing their restrictions and people are allowed out and about. It might be a while until we go back to what we were used to, but for now, let’s enjoy what we have and be thankful that we’re able to leave our homes and see loved ones again.

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