Safety screens Driver Bubble prove to be a bull's eye


Driver Bubble has only been around for just over two months, but the people behind this company are anything but new to the taxi industry. General manager Thomas Kruyne and almost all employees come from Taxi Butler, the device with which taxis can be ordered easily and quickly, for example in catering establishments. That company works in dozens of countries with many hundreds of taxi companies.

But when taxi transport came to a complete standstill due to the corona crisis, so did the activities of Taxi Butler. Where previously about 1.5 million trips per month were plotted, there were only about 73,000 in April. The company was therefore forced to be creative and discovered safety screens in cars through its branch in Eastern Europe.

“Our goal from the outset has been to keep our over forty employees on board, which is why we had to be creative,” explains Kruyne. “We saw something in those screens to support the taxi companies we work with worldwide, so that their drivers and passengers can safely get back on the road. And when that happens, the work for Taxi Butler gets going again.

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About Driver Bubble™
The Driver Bubble™ is a simple, intuitive screen that fits into most vehicles and helps shield passengers and drivers alike. Born out of Amsterdam, the company designs and builds protective screens for the global taxi, rideshare and transportation industry.