Legal Information

Welcome to the Driver Bubble™ B.V. legal information page.

On this page, you will find our product disclaimer, general terms & conditions, website usage terms, privacy policy, and our contact & company information.

Product Disclaimer

In these difficult times we are all looking for ways to increase safety in our line of business. The products offered on this website can be used by taxi drivers and their organisations in an effort to increase safety for drivers and passengers alike. However, these products are not designed, manufactured or tested to prevent all possible physical contact between persons in a vehicle or to entirely prevent risk of contamination by viruses (e.g. Corona virus) or the contraction of illnesses (e.g. COVID-19 respiratory disease).

Please inform yourself of all local hygiene guidelines and closely follow these, both in general and specifically with regard to the Coronavirus.

Driver Bubble B.V. cannot and does not in any way guarantee or warrant that the use of the products offered on this website in a vehicle will prevent the driver or passengers from being contaminated by viruses or contracting illnesses.

You are solely responsible for being compliant with any applicable laws, rules and regulations and insurance, license or other agreements in using the products offered on this website. You are considered to have verified whether you are allowed to use the product of your purchase before making your purchase.

The products offered on this website can be used in most vehicles, but not in all. You are solely responsible for making sure the products fit the vehicles they are meant to be used in. This website contains the dimensions of the products and a list of vehicle models that the products have proven to fit into, which you are considered to have studied before making a purchase. However, please always determine whether the product reasonably fits into the vehicle intended for its use before it is installed and put into use. Use your common sense as to what is safe for use: products may never be put under high pressure or overstretched or placed too close to driver or passengers for them to sit and move unhindered, nor may they in any way obstruct airbags. The use of each product is at your own risk.

Please contact us in case of any questions.

The general terms and conditions of Driver Bubble B.V. apply to all orders and agreements. These are available here and contain a limitation of liability and provide that Driver Bubble B.V. is not liable for indirect or consequential damages, among which third party claims.