Let's make testing for COVID-19 easy

A simple, affordable and non-invasive COVID-19 rapid antigen test kit. It gives you a result in 15 minutes.

No postage labels or sending the sample to the lab.
Get your result, in 15 minutes

A high accuracy, reliable test.
The simplest way to get tested

96.9% accuracy

The test identifies 92.0% of subjects with and 99.3% without COVID-19.

A simple, no-fuss, complete kit

Everything you need is included in the simple-to-use kit.

CE certified

The test conforms with all EEA health, safety, and environmental standards.

Get a result in 15 mins

Once administered, your result appears in 15 minutes.

Each kit contains everything you need to perform the test.
A simple kit, with everything in it

A sterile disposable swab
A sample treatment solution
A sample test
A short user manual