Why Driver Bubble™ screens are better than other protective screens on the market

Driver Bubble Shield safety screen

From around March, many businesses adapted and found new ways to keep their company running. Staying afloat meant that some businesses introduced new products, alternate services and new ways of running their operations.

Taxi Butler, the leader in taxi booking devices, is an example of a business that added a new product to their portfolio, the Driver Bubble™. The Driver Bubble™ is a protective screen that is placed behind the front passenger and driver’s seat of a vehicle. It was designed to help taxi and rideshare drivers get back on the road safely, providing their customers with peace of mind, knowing they are looked after while traveling to their destination.

This article provides readers with a comparison between the various protective screens on the market and why Driver Bubble™ is the best choice for customers.


The Driver Bubble™ comes in two different materials:

  • Driver Bubble™ Flex – a flexible PVC plastic screen, designed to be an affordable and durable solution.
  • Driver Bubble™ Shield – a rigid polycarbonate plastic shield made for stronger and more robust protection.

Both the Driver Bubble™ Flex and Driver Bubble™ Shield come in a standard size, which fits most vehicle types. The Driver Bubble™ Shield also comes in large and extra-large to fit into larger vehicles, such as minibus or wheelchair accessible taxis. The screens once placed inside the vehicle, go from floor to ceiling of the car. Other products on the market do not cover the area that the Driver Bubble™ does, which leaves space for some airborne materials to reach the driver and passenger(s).


Other protection screens are mounted with either a steel bar, hooks or adhesive tape.

The bar can be problematic for passengers in the event of an accident. Similarly, the hooks can cause injury to passengers if the hooks were to come undone. The adhesive tape option can damage the car (for example, removing paint, leaving adhesive residue on the roof, etc). The tape can also eventually lose its hold, causing the protective screen to dropdown.

Depending on the Driver Bubble™ that suits your business, the Driver Bubble™ Flex uses a band and buckle system to keep the screen in place. The Driver Bubble™ Shield stays upright with the help of cable ties.


With many companies developing protective screens, there is a chance that customers will experience varying prices for similar products.

Cheaper protective screens can be an indication that the screen will also be of cheaper quality and will not last as long as other screens out there. A number of factors are always involved in pricing, but for the safety of passengers and drivers, going cheap is not necessarily a good decision.

Expensive protective screens do not mean the product is any better than a cheaper one. Some companies are adding a high-profit margin to their product as they may be attempting to capitalize on the COVID-19 market.

Driver Bubble™ has made sure to use quality material but also maintain a low-profit margin, so customers and Driver Bubble™ will have equal benefits. Driver Bubble™ turns into a thriving business and customers have great protective screens to help get their drivers back on the roads.

Driver Bubble™ cares about its passengers and their customers and wants everyone to have a safe and protected journey.

About Driver Bubble™

The Driver Bubble™ is a simple, intuitive screen that fits into most vehicles and helps shield passengers and drivers alike. Born out of Amsterdam, the company designs and builds protective screens for the global taxi, rideshare and transportation industry.