4 motivi per cui hai bisogno di una partizione di sicurezza nel tuo veicolo merci

Driver Bubble Shield safety screen

If you have ever been on a taxi ride or any type of vehicle meant to transport people from one place to another, you might have noticed partitions separating the driver from the rest of the passengers. If you are driving a cargo van, you might be wondering if this same partition is needed. You are not driving anyone around, after all; just a few things you need to deliver to one place or another.

So, would a safety partition be a waste of money or beneficial for a cargo van? Well, the latter is true, and the benefits might surprise you.

Keeps dangerous substances away from you

Are you continually transporting hazardous materials such as chemicals? If that’s the case, then you definitely should consider installing a partition to keep you safe. A physical barrier set up between you and the cargo not only keeps you safe from the substances, but also gives you the peace of mind knowing that you are not exposing yourself to unwanted risk.

Stops objects from hitting you

Imagine driving down the highway, and you come upon a large deer suddenly. What happens when you slam on the breaks? The items from your cargo will fly forward, and if you are going fast, some of them might hurtle towards you, hitting you and causing injuries.

This type of accident is something that occurs quite frequently, injuring thousands of drivers every year. To keep you safe from any flying objects smacking your head or causing a huge mess in the driver’s seat, adding a safety partition is extremely beneficial. While this will not stop the back compartment from becoming a mess, it will leave you unscathed.

Maintains the temperature

If you drive a particularly large cargo van, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle can be quite a challenge, especially if there is nothing to divide you from the rest of the space. That is because your heater or air conditioning units will have to work extra hard to keep your van warm or cool.

On the other hand, if there is a safety partition set up, the units will only have to maintain the temperature in a relatively small space, allowing them to work quickly and more efficiently.

Reduces the noise

Noise can pretty much drive anyone crazy, and if you are driving for long hours with a loud ruckus behind you, we would not blame you if you need to step out to keep your sanity intact. While that might sound like a mere annoyance, it can be quite distracting and therefore, dangerous on the road.

With a safety partition installed, much of the noise will be blocked from you. Just make sure that you do not opt for a metal one if you do install a partition. Otherwise, the sound is only going to be worse.


As you can see, a safety partition can do you lots of good even if you are in a cargo vehicle. It will keep the noise down, the temperatures consistent, and prevent dangerous substances and other objects from hitting you. These benefits, as you can tell, are incredibly vital to your driving task. Do yourself a favor and have a protective partition installed!

Are you interested in installing a protective screen in your vehicle? Driver Bubble offers you solutions that are durable, affordable, and most importantly, will keep you safe in your driver’s seat! Contact us today and learn more.

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