Tips for taxi companies to adapt during COVID-19


A taxi company’s guide to getting back on the road during COVID-19

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2020 is a year in which many had high hopes, it was the start of a new decade and the future was looking bright. This all changed with the current health situation adding a dampener very early on in the year.

The uncertainty of what the year ahead would look like was real. However, instead of worrying and stressing about what the future may hold, many businesses learnt to adapt and find innovative ways in which to keep their business going.

The taxi industry is an example of a sector that relies heavily on tourism, hospitality and the movement of people. With customers staying home, trips were declining. Many taxi companies decided now was the time to change up their business model and offer additional services to their customers.

For those taxi companies needing some advice, this article provides you with some tips to innovate and adapt to the current situation.

1. Food Delivery

Partnering with your local restaurants is a great way of offering your customers a warm, comforting meal to get them through these times. Not only are you helping local food businesses but you are also adding a smile to your customer’s face when they see you pulling up in their driveway with that delicious meal they have been craving all day.

Many people are not able to pop to the shops to grab their weekly groceries. It is recommended to stay home and stay safe. New York’s Yellow Cab has stepped up and are showing us how they support their community. Taxi Driver’s are helping the military distribute food parcels all over town, as one taxi driver points out, helping each other is all that matters right now. Not all heroes wear capes! For a feel-good story head to this link.

2. Parcel Delivery

With more and more people working from home and ordering parcels to their front door, courier businesses are really struggling to keep up with the demand. This is where your taxi company can assist and help out.

Australia’s 13Cabs have been working on expanding the business to help with parcels, with the current health situation, their operations were sped up significantly. 13Cabs learnt how to adapt quickly and speed up the roll-out of their new service by helping people receive their parcels on time. Read about how 13Cabs adapted aqui.

Similarly, the initiative #KeepBritainMoving is using an app whereby London’s Black Cab acts as a courier for customers who can order a collection and deliver items. An added bonus is that the app allows in-app payments, so very little contact is made. See how Black Cab have done it aqui.

3. Vehicle Modification

In order to assure the safety of drivers and passengers, taxi companies should supply their drivers with protective equipment that is of the highest quality. Dutch company, Taxi Butler, adapted and added Driver Bubble™ to their portfolio of products for the taxi industry.

Driver Bubble™ is a protective screen that is placed behind the front passenger and driver’s seat. The Driver Bubble™ comes in two different materials;

  • Driver Bubble™ Flex – a flexible PVC plastic screen, designed to be an affordable and durable solution.
  • Driver Bubble™ Shield – a rigid polycarbonate plastic shield made for a stronger and more robust protection.

Driver Bubble™ screens are being sold worldwide and the demand for the screens has been incredible – it is a true reflection of how taxi companies are doing their best to keep their drivers and passengers safe. For more information on how Driver Bubble™ can help protect your fleet, please visit the website.

4. Social distancing within call centres

Many companies have taken the approach to only use skeleton staff while the global restrictions are in place.

RedRoute, a phone automation solution, is a great solution to keep your call centre going, ensuring your employees are staying safe and healthy at home. Using RedRoute means fewer employees in your call centre while still providing a great service to your customers, ensuring all calls are answered and trips are booked.

Final thoughts

In consideration of the above tips, there are options for many taxi companies to still adapt and find ways in which to stay operational.

Through adapting and working collaboratively, the taxi industry will continue to deliver the high standard of service its customers have come to expect.

About Driver Bubble™

The Driver Bubble™ is a simple, intuitive screen that fits into most vehicles and helps shield passengers and drivers alike. Born out of Amsterdam, the company designs and builds protective screens for the global taxi, rideshare and transportation industry.

Tips for taxi companies to adapt during COVID-19