Interview with Will Nash: The branding of Driver Bubble

Driver Bubble Logo

The all-new Driver Bubble™ is the star of the moment. It is gaining its great momentum and has its own personality. Along with keeping the drivers and passengers safe during their travel together, Driver Bubble™ also looks ingenious. Today we like to share how we created the identity of Taxi Butler’s newest product Driver Bubble™ from scratch.

Will Nash – Marketing Manager of Driver Bubble was kind enough to answer all the questions we may have regarding the branding of Driver Bubble. Will is based in France and has been part of the Taxi Butler since 2018 and is currently leading the marketing and promotion of Driver Bubble.

How important was branding to Driver Bubble during the pandemic times?

“Branding is always key to the success of an idea, product, or company”, Will says. “Establishing your product in an already established market is a challenge and has to be approached in a logical, structured, and planned manner. Building a brand around Driver Bubble was facilitated by the quality of the product and our existing presence in the taxi and transportation market by our parent company Taxi Butler. We used Taxi Butler’s existing brand as a platform to boost our new brand and product, Driver Bubble, into the taxi market.”

How did the idea of Driver Bubble conceptualize itself during its initial stages?

“The brand name had been mentioned even before the product conceptualization had taken place. The marketing and design team drafted and sketched a couple of different ideas and illustrations as a starting point. 10 drawings later, the Driver Bubble logo was born. We took a lean approach, meaning that we start with the basic elements, and scaled up quickly by adding more and more content and brand elements.”

What do you think of Driver Bubble as a new product entering the market during pandemic times?

“I believe Driver Bubble is a perfect example of innovation and of the saying “every cloud has a silver lining”. Out of the health concerns and the financial challenges we sought to get creative and innovate a new product that would support our company and help our customers to continue connecting and providing their services across the globe.”

What is the mission/vision of Driver Bubble?

“The mission for Driver Bubble is to “provide a product that enables people to safely drive together”. The vision focuses on a larger perspective of what we want to accomplish: “We are connected, supportive, and successful”. Our number one priority here at Driver Bubble is to keep people connected, it’s the foundation of everything that we do.”

How did you spend your first week when creating the brand for Driver Bubble?

“My first week creating the brand for Driver Bubble was busy, but a fruitful one. The team started on the creation and design of the logo, brainstorming with Steven and Otto, brand content, messaging, and general brand guidelines. A first landing page was built to start informing customers of our new product and to start generating interest.”

Did you immediately know who your target group was?

“Yes, to start with we primarily focused on the taxi, rideshare, and ground transportation market as this is our usual area of expertise. We soon realized and received interest from a much wider audience including healthcare providers, car rental services, aftermarket dealers and resellers, car dealers and showrooms, and also government departments and various other projects.”

How did you come up with the logo and brand colors?

“The brand name was decided even before the product conceptualization had taken place. The logo, as you see it seemed a logical choice and it encapsulated everything we wanted from the brand and product. The logo is designed to convey feelings of growth, innovation, and vividness. The fluid circular shape surrounds the “driver” and serves as a shield to protect him or her from any risks. We wanted something simple, modern, and fresh, and I believe our logo portrays all of these values.”

What are the marketing strategies you looked into to promote Driver Bubble?

“As mentioned earlier, the marketing team took a relatively lean approach, we started small and scaled up exponentially. We started by contacting our existing customer base and promoting the product through purely organic methods, eventually, we scaled up by using different ad platforms, media and press, and through building an established brand with a comprehensive website and content.”

“Driver Bubble is growing everyday and it’s vision is to create “connection”, our core value for almost all the products in a whole new perspective.”

About Driver Bubble™

The Driver Bubble™ is a simple, intuitive screen that fits into most vehicles and helps shield passengers and drivers alike. Born out of Amsterdam, the company designs and builds protective screens for the global taxi, rideshare and transportation industry.