Borders opening - pack your bags, travel can commence!

Borders opening after covid-19

For months now, many people around the world have become accustomed to new ways of living. This meant staying home, only leaving your house when absolutely necessary. No one was sure when things would change again and we would be back to our old ways of heading out and about whenever we wanted to.

Luckily better days are on the horizon, many governments acted quickly and did their best to keep their citizens safe and healthy. This means that now, with summer approaching the northern hemisphere, we’re able to head out and enjoy those long sunny days!

Travel restrictions worldwide have eased and we’re seeing more and more countries opening their borders and allowing international travel to occur. The taxi and rideshare industry have something to look forward to, as tourism has room to grow again in June. Also, more and more places are available for tourists and local citizens to shop, have a great meal or enjoy a nice cold beverage in the sun.

This article provides readers with an update on what many countries are doing.


Italy has opened its border to European travellers. Arrivals will not have to self isolate for 2 weeks unless coming from another continent. Hotels are reopening in phases and the government is investing to restart tourism. As a tourist, you can get free nights and vouchers for tourist activities. Pack those bags and get ready for some delicious pizza and pasta.


Austria has opened its borders to its neighbouring countries, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, the border remains closed for Italian travellers.


Germany is welcoming 27 EU member states as well as Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Britain from the 15 June. No better time to get ready and pop across to Germany for some cold beers and long summer evenings.


The Netherlands is lifting it’s travel restrictions from all EU and Schengen zone countries, except for Sweden and the UK as infection rates are still running relatively high in those countries. Hotels, restaurants and stores in the Netherlands are open with restrictions.


France is looking to open up again around the 15 June, where French citizens who cross over to neighbouring countries in the meantime are no longer subject to quarantines upon their return. Hotels, restaurants and stores are open with restrictions. 


Spain has agreed to gradually open its borders to tourists from countries with relatively low infection rates from 1 July and possibly 22 June if the situation stays normal. Until then, tourists stay in quarantine at arrival.


Portugal is still discussing letting UK citizens enter the country and establishing an “airbridge”, the do not want to discriminate and anyone wanting to holiday in Portugal this summer is most welcome.


Greece will resume flights to the country’s two main airports, Athens and Thessaloniki from 15 June. Direct flights to other mainland and island destinations will restart on the 1 July. Shops have been (partially) reopened since the end of May. At the beginning of June, campsites and hotels will (partly) reopen in cities, and on 15 June the rest of the hotels.

United Kingdom

From 8 June, travellers can enter the UK, they need to show contact information and are required to self-isolate for 14 days. Visitors from Ireland and nearby islands are already welcome without quarantine. The UK is one of the few countries in Europe that still have to be more careful.


Canada’s border will remain shut until 23 June. The country will make sure to take strong measures for those entering as they want to avoid a second wave hitting them.


Australia’s border will be the last to reopen under stage 1 of the ease in restrictions. Exact dates are unknown for now, but borders will be open to Pacific Islanders and international students.

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