Introducing the Driver Bubble™ EcoBreathe™ mask

We’ve partnered up with Mask Bros to offer you the world’s first fully recyclable disposable face mask.

Receive a 10% discount on EcoBreathe™ masks

To help frontline workers and drivers to get back on the road more safely, we are giving a 10% discount on EcoBreathe™ masks when you order any partition screen. Simply add any number of masks and partition screens to your cart.

10 000 000

single-use masks will enter our oceans every month if just 1% of masks are disposed of improperly, according to WWF.

A more sustainable lifecycle

Sold in boxes of 50 masks.
EcoBreathe face masks crafted with grade 5 recyclable material
PP can often be disposed of through local council recycling programs.

Designed to protect you, and the environment

Stress-tested earloops attached by no-break ultrasonic welding technology.
Low-pressure earloops provide a more comfortable and effective fit.
Adjustable nose clip made with flex-fit polypropylene (PP).
High quality layers of PP non-woven fabric and meltblown cloth.
Industry-leading pricing
We want to make eco-friendliness accessible for everyone.
100% recyclable
Crafted from non-woven, high-density materials for better recyclability.
Improved comfort
Patent-pending, pressure-point free earloops for a more effective fit.
Best-in-class quality
Ultrasonic welding which binds the stress-tested and non-break earloops.