A&B Taxis witnesses 35% growth in revenue with innovative vehicle partition screen

Taxi pertition screen - The Flex - from the backseat

Founded in the 1980s, A&B Taxis is Basildon’s largest car service provider with over 200 highly maintained vehicles providing around-the-clock service. 

A & B Taxis have grown exponentially in the past years due to their exceptional customer experience with extraordinary standards, and by allying the latest technologies with traditional customer service values.

Their customer base includes a mix of both corporate clients and airport transfers at all major airports in London, accounting for 20% of their customer network, while the general public takes over the rest of the 80%.

The challenge

Like the rest of the world, when the UK went into lockdown due to the pandemic, everything was thrown into chaos, bringing the economy into a standstill overnight.

As a result, the number of rides was dramatically decreased, reducing the overall business turnover of A & B Taxis to 20%. Due to the increased concern around health and safety, drivers lost confidence and became hesitant to transport passengers. Likewise, passengers needed to feel safe and confident enough to travel in taxis.

With this in mind, A & B Taxis deemed it important to provide a sense of security and assurance to both drivers and passengers alike. To enable this, A & B Taxis partnered with Driver Bubble™ in April 2020, to give customers more confidence to start travelling safely in taxis again, and drivers the confidence to get back on the road.

The approach and solution

The partnership saw A & B Taxis install Driver Bubble™ Flex, a lightweight, flexible and optically transparent vehicle partition screen in its vehicles. It is known for its flexibility, durability, and cost-effectiveness and could be installed in less than 10 minutes.

Also considered as the most flexible and compatible screen, it provides up to 90% surface coverage with an all-round better protection. This low maintenance, simple, flexible and easy to install vehicle partition screen is designed for drivers, providing safer rides for drivers and their passengers. Drivers are able to use their mirrors and see and connect with their passengers.

Speaking on the partnership, Gary Brand, Owner at A & B Taxis said “The pandemic brought in unprecedented challenges to the business with a lot of panic. There was no work, no airport transfers and that part of business went down totally.

Suddenly you are in a scenario where your business has gone from thriving to operating at the capacity of 20%, with a lot of overhead expenses to be paid. Partnering with Driver Bubble™ was a great business initiative and brought in relief to this difficult situation.”

I thought the Driver Bubble™ Flex partition screen was a great idea and immediately purchased a 100 of them for my fleet. Installing Driver Bubble’s vehicle partition screens provided my drivers more confidence to come back to work, and we deal with customers that actually request and prefer vehicles only with Driver Bubble™ Flex partition screens.

The speed of the service is excellent and the after-sales support is just what we need”, added Gary. Within the first few months of installation of the partition, the business witnessed an overall growth of 35% and a 50% growth as the restrictions and lockdown procedures eased out.