PPE for drivers and passengers - Personal Protective Equipment from Driver Bubble™

PPE for drivers

Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE, has to be the most used acronym of 2020. A year ago only certain industries would regularly use the term PPE, however, with what has happened this year, more of us have become familiar with it.

The transport industry has become a sector that has relied heavily on PPE for drivers and passengers to keep them safe from COVID-19. The Butler Group’s product, Driver Bubble™, has grown to be a successful PPE product around the world. It has kept passengers and drivers safe while still allowing drivers to work and passengers to get from A to B.

The Butler Group launched Driver Bubble™ in early 2020 to assist drivers and passengers and ensure their safety while traveling. When the product was first launched, the business had two types of protective screens for sale, the Driver Bubble™ Flex, and the Driver Bubble™ Shield.

To date, Driver Bubble™ has expanded its range, they now offer four protective screens plus face masks available to purchase.

Driver Bubble™ PPE variants

  • The Driver Bubble™ Flex – is a flexible PVC plastic screen and is designed to be an affordable and durable solution.
  • The Driver Bubble™ Shield – is a rigid polycarbonate plastic shield made for a stronger and more robust protection.
  • The Driver Bubble™ ONE – is a flexible plastic screen made from polycarbonate, designed to wrap around the driver seat.
  • The Driver Bubble™ Sneeze Guard – is a compact polycarbonate screen. It’s cost-effective and easy to install.
  • The Driver Bubble™ EcoBreathe – the world’s first fully recyclable disposable face mask.

PPE: Driver Bubble™ EcoBreathe face mask
Recently the Butler Group introduced face masks to their PPE equipment for drivers and passengers alike, the Driver Bubble™ EcoBreathe. Driver Bubble™ has partnered with Mask Bros to offer customers the world’s first recyclable disposable face mask.

When customers purchase a partition screen and 5 boxes of Driver Bubble™ EcoBreathe masks, they’ll receive a 10% discount and free shipping on the masks.

The Driver Bubble™ EcoBreathe masks are not your regular PPE mask, these masks have been designed to protect your drivers and passengers while also caring for the environment. As great as masks have been to help reduce the spread of COVID-19, they have taken a toll on the environment with many ending up in our oceans and threatening wildlife.

According to the WWF, if 1% of single-use masks are disposed of incorrectly, that would equate to approximately 10 million masks per month dispersed in the environment. With this figure in mind Driver Bubble™ did not want to add to the problem.

The EcoBreate mask is crafted from non-woven, high-density materials designed for better recyclability. Not only are they great for the environment, they have also been designed for the users comfort in mind. The masks come with low-pressure ear loops that provide a more comfortable and effective fit.

The Butler Group cares for drivers and passengers out there, along with making sure to reduce their environmental footprint. Customers should feel certain that they will be looked after when traveling in a taxi or rideshare vehicle that has been fitted with a Driver Bubble™ protective screen and that also offers EcoBreathe masks.

For more information on the PPE equipment available to you, head to Driver Bubble’s website and place your order today!

Let’s all stay safe while protecting our environment.

About Driver Bubble™

The Driver Bubble™ is a simple, intuitive screen that fits into most vehicles and helps shield passengers and drivers alike. Born out of Amsterdam, the company designs and builds protective screens for the global taxi, rideshare and transportation industry.