Why your taxi company needs PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Why taxi company need driver protection screen

COVID-19 has impacted all spheres of society. However, a market that has been severely affected by the pandemic is the taxi industry.

As a result of transport restrictions, the taxi industry across the world has suffered a significant loss in business. However, as things start to return to ‘normal’, there are new, protective measures that need to be considered. These will help to ensure safety for both the passengers and the driver.

PPE is not just face masks

Taxi drivers are desperate to return to work and get back on the road as soon as possible – provided they feel safe and comfortable to do so. So, this is where PPE come into play. PPE comes in many forms and people first think about fask masks as the number one form of PPE. However, for the taxi and private hire industry, as well as for rideshare drivers and the whole transport sector, there is one piece of PPE that can’t be missed in any vehicle: vehicle partitions (also called driver protection screens).

Vehicle partitions as PPE

PPE in the form of a vehicle partition is a transparent sheet of plastic that can be installed in vehicles behind the driver’s seat. It is specifically designed and manufactured to create a safe and effective barrier between the driver and the passenger seats. The sheet provides comfort for both the driver and passenger by creating a more hygienic environment.

How does a vehicle partition as PPE work?

By providing a layer between the driver and passenger, the screen helps to reduce the chances of transmission of any viruses or bacteria through physical contact or saliva. This is done by ensuring physical separation between the driver and passenger. Thus, it prevents the passenger from reaching into the front and other close interactions.

Why use a vehicle partition as PPE?

During the pandemic, it has become clear that everyone has a specific role to play to ensure the safety and ultimate well-being of each other. This is especially true when it comes to essential services like the taxi and transport industry. Drivers not only have a right to feel safe and be protected from any harm while working, but they also have to work responsibly to ensure the hygiene of their vehicle. So, protective screens as PPE will help to prevent any transmission of viruses amongst themselves and their passengers.

Therefore, safety screens are a crucial element for the taxi industry today. They offer several important benefits to improve the overall comfort of a taxi ride. These include safety, protection, and security for both the driver and passengers. In addition, safety screens are also simple to install, durable, and affordable. Thus, every taxi company should be equipping their vehicles with them as soon as possible.

Driver Bubble™ protective screens

Besides fulfilling all the objectives of driver protector screens, Driver Bubble™ has many unique advantageous characteristics. Driver Bubble™ screens make use of a simple and intuitive design that is specially molded to fit into most vehicles. The barriers are completely transparent. This allows for a measure of security, communication, and an interpersonal connection. All the while ensuring the safety and comfort for both parties.

The screens’ design ensures that they are flexible and resilient enough to resist the range of forces that a taxi may experience throughout the day. They could also be effective as a defensive barrier for the driver. In the long-term, their notable durability guarantees reliable performance for many years. Driver Bubble™ offers two different types of protective screens for taxis:

Driver Bubble™ Flex
This model focuses on the installation of an affordable and widely applicable solution for driver protector shields. The product is a flexible plastic screen made from a 0.5mm thick layer of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). This synthetic plastic polymer contributes to the strength, durability, and lightweight properties of the product.

The screen is easily installed and can provide up to 90% surface coverage between the front and back seats. It guarantees the coverage of the most common points of contact between the passenger and driver.

The transparent screen means that drivers are still able to use their mirrors and communicate effectively with passengers. The designed built-in access point facilitates easy payments. It is easy to clean and simply requires a wipe-down with some disinfectant spray and a cloth.

For ease of installation, the sheet makes use of a strap and slide buckle mechanism. This mechanism fastens to the handles above the doors or the center door columns. It comes in a single, universal size that fits most estate, saloon, hatchback cars, MPV, and minivans.

Driver Bubble™ Shield
The shield model is a solution that provides stronger and more robust protection for your drivers. It is a rigid, 1.5 mm thick, polycarbonate plastic shield. The Driver Bubble™ Shield, like the Flex model, also provides up to 90% surface coverage between the driver and passenger zones.

Similarly, the screen is fitted with a functional and safe built-in pay-point system. This, along with the rest of the shield, is easy to clean by wiping it down using a cloth and disinfectant.

The transparency of the screens allows for an interpersonal driver-passenger connection while ensuring the comfort and safety of both parties.

The screen’s installation makes use of zip ties that attach to the front seats of the vehicle, around the lower part of the seats, and the headrests.

The Driver Bubble™ Shield is available in two sizes. The standard universal size fits most estate, saloon and hatchback cars, and a large size that is suitable for MPV and minivans.

New PPE: the ONE and the Sneeze Guard

Driver Bubble™ has recently launched two new models, the Driver Bubble™ ONE and the Driver Bubble™ Sneeze Guard.

Both products are made from high quality Polycarbonate and specifically made for vehicle partition users that had different needs.

The Driver Bubble™ ONE is a plastic screen that wraps around the driver seat. As a result, you can make use of the full passenger capacity of your vehicle! 

The Driver Bubble™ Sneeze Guard is a compact and lighteight version of the Shield and is designed to be a cost-effective and quickest-to-install option.


The bottom line

These means of PPE during the pandemic are not only essential for public safety and health but a wise investment as a taxi driver.

Driver Bubble™ offers an effective, affordable, and widely applicable solution. So, your taxi business and drivers can quickly get back on the road and earn an income once again. Due to its durability, the product will perform well over an extended time frame. Thus, earning you the opportunity to secure much more revenue in the long run.

Driver Bubble™ has an online store for ease of purchase and offers shipping worldwide, with a possible discount on bulk orders. If you’re not sure, we can also help to find a solution more tailored to your business so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Considering all these factors, PPE in the form of a vehicle partition is not only an investment financially, but will help to provide a more hygienic transport solution.

About Driver Bubble™

The Driver Bubble™ is a simple, intuitive screen that fits into most vehicles and helps shield passengers and drivers alike. Born out of Amsterdam, the company designs and builds protective screens for the global taxi, rideshare and transportation industry.