Creativity and innovation during the time of a pandemic

innovation during a pandemic

Ever since the inception of our very first product Taxi Butler, the simplest taxi booking solution ever, we have only looked at solving challenges with utmost creativity. The success blueprint for this was the ultimate step of hiring and involving team members who are based all around the globe. Almost 60% of our team are remote workers – this universally diverse team is based in nearly 15 countries and is of different knowledge backgrounds.

COVID-19, as humongous as it may seem to have had a little effect on our working style. Like always, we have our regular meetings via Google meet, Slack and Skype. Some of our office goers manage to follow all the norms of social distancing and work from the office as they normally would. It all felt like we were somehow well-equipped to deal with a change such as the overwhelming COVID-19 pandemic.

Though, during the initial pandemic period, the office was less busy than usual. Most of us took this extra time to relax and spend more time with our loved ones instead of brooding over an improbable future. This very approach of calmness and togetherness encouraged us to come up with exceptional ideas of supporting ourselves and the company in terms of financial prosperity.

It is a time where we predominantly had to think about how we can make more bucks for the company that always was a champion in connecting the world through its wonderful products. We endorse the values of connection with oneself and the world. We looked into the area where we were most versatile and that is the taxi industry. As most parts of the world are slowly starting to stand back up on their feet, we realized how taxi companies have to function every day to ensure that civilization is continuously moving to contribute to a positive market. Through this very thought, we conceived Driver Bubble, a sustainable solution for the transport industries and another effortlessly remarkable product from Taxi Butler that decided to rise and evolve through the pandemic. Driver Bubble does exactly what most taxi companies would dream of at this point in time: a protection screen that would provide overall safety of the drivers while on duty. Driver Bubble is a simple translucent screen that fits right into vehicles of any size to help create a shield between passengers and drivers so that the passengers and drivers are 100% safe.

Taxi Butler Team

This great idea of Driver Bubble had a humble start. Our ever-enthusiastic sales team rose to the occasion immediately and reached out to the taxi companies, rideshare industries, etc. intently listened to their troubles during the COVID-19 situation and proposed if they are willing to try out a demo of the Driver Bubble protection shields for their taxis and the taxi owners gracefully agreed. The trial phase was super important for us since the feedback would be the stepping stone to producing the top-notch product.

Our customers were wonderful in providing us the rightful observation in terms of the custom fits to their vehicles, payment hatches, quality of the shields, and cost-effectiveness – we studiously got to work. Our entire team who are based in different parts of the globe virtually came together instantly to work on Driver Bubble. It took almost no time for the team of sales, marketing, logistics, accounts, design to revamp themselves to Driver Bubble mode. And with all the assessments from various taxi companies the mix worked wonderfully well.

Through Driver Bubble, we aim to achieve the safety of all the travelers around the globe and see them happily carrying on with their journeys with the assurance that they are well guarded. We are also looking forward to eventually supporting the necessities of the public transport industries and medical personnel. Driver Bubble helps to provide security for the drivers of every kind of vehicle to get on the road.

About Driver Bubble™

The Driver Bubble™ is a simple, intuitive screen that fits into most vehicles and helps shield passengers and drivers alike. Born out of Amsterdam, the company designs and builds protective screens for the global taxi, rideshare and transportation industry.