BCP council approves The Driver Bubble Flex

UK vehicle partition approval

Driver Bubble has received great appraisals from the taxi industries so far and it has proven its compatibility with various vehicle types as a substantial precautionary protective layer for the drivers and passengers in a taxi or any other public transport services.

In a recent update from the ‘Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole council (BCP council)’, they made a mention of the Driver Bubble™ Flex as one of the shields that is approved to be used by the taxi companies and private hire vehicles. All of it under the condition that the Drivers using the the Driver Bubble™ Flex mandatorily follow the overall sanitization methods of regularly cleaning the shields after each journey.

BCP council further stated that they are looking at greater steps to ensure that the taxi transport is safe for the drivers and passengers. The focus is now on how each individual will actively follow the new norms of safety measures. As passengers, we continue to wear a face covering when hailing a taxi or private hire vehicles, maintain appropriate distance from others, avoid physical contact as much as possible, accept and follow taxi driver or private hire vehicle operator’s advice, and face a refusal from the Taxi operators if the safety measures are not adhered to.

For the drivers and taxi operators, BCP council proposed that the rules set by the government are always adhered to. Although there are limited legal rules to follow for the drivers it is highly advised that they take proactive measures to ensure the safety of themselves and the passengers. It is also recommended that the driver or the taxi operator proactively makes a risk assessment and follow steps on cleaning, personal protective equipment, contactless payments only or use of screens you are taking to reduce any infection risks.

As reviewed by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Licensing Committee the BCP Council will not intercept the use of shields and the taxi bubble, however, they will avoid actively endorsing them as they feel that these shields may give a false sense of security to the drivers letting them to lower their guard making them susceptible to developing COVID-19 symptoms.

The members have approved the use of shields in the Taxis or private hires provided the drivers are completely aware that, along with the shields, the regular sanitisation and hand washing is an absolute necessity.

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About Driver Bubble™

The Driver Bubble™ is a simple, intuitive screen that fits into most vehicles and helps shield passengers and drivers alike. Born out of Amsterdam, the company designs and builds protective screens for the global taxi, rideshare and transportation industry.